I Want To Learn

Great! We are excited to have you join us. No need to make a reservation or buy a ticket. Join us at any meeting you'd like. No need to attend the entire meeting or to come to every meeting.

What should I know in advance?

We are open to everyone regardless of skill level. Want to learn how to program? Perfect. Know some programming but want to improve? We can help. Expert in one language and want to learn another? Join on in.

What will I do at a meetup?

You can come with an idea about what you want to learn. Introduce yourself and your goals when you arrive. Then work with a mentor, or by yourself, on your goals.

I Want To Mentor

Great! We are excited to have you help out. If you want, let us know that you're coming. Or just come to the meting and suprise us. You don't need to be at every meeting, and you don't need to be there for the whole length of the meeting. Help out as you can, when you can.

What should I know in advance?

Mentors can be anyone who wants to help people learn. You don't have to be some wizened expert. In fact, it's better if you're not. Someone who has just learned a skill is frequently better at teaching it than someone who has mastered it. If you are interested in help people learn then you can mentor.

What will I do at a meetup?

Introduce yourself and your skills when you arrive, then help anyone who asks.

I Want To Work

Great! Bring your projects and work. Escape your desk. Test out other buildings on campus. Meet other developers on campus.

What should I know in advance?

There may be lively discussion, feel free to bring and use headphones.

There may not be space to fully spread out. Sometimes we are in lectures halls with desks and sometimes we are in classrooms with tables.

What will I do at a meetup?

Your work. You are also welcome to jump into a discussion or ask questions at any time.

I Want To Talk To You

Come to the meetup, tweet @umnhackerhours, join us on Slack, join our group, chat with us in person at Code People or email the hosts.